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Twiggy Release Day 1 (28/2/13)


The end of a long day, with Twiggy making it to the sea, and southwards towards the manatee resting hole. As we walked with her along the coastline, there was evidence of manatees everywhere - roots and leaf blades floating in the water, reminiscent of the remnants in the water around Twiggy when she is eating. No actual manatees, though.

For those of you who have been following Wildtracks over the past few years, you will be pleased to know that Twiggy is now moving into the final Release Phase.

After a slightly delayed start, Twiggy followed the Release Team 3km across the lagoon, and into the creek linking the lagoon with the sea. From there, we headed south, following the coastline, towards the Manatee Resting Hole (one of three along the east coast of the Bay.

A very successful entry into Corozal Bay, and a positive step forward in Twiggy's release - until we were about 1.5km from Shipstern Caye, our destination. Twiggy decided that enough was enough, turned round and headed back to the channel. It is impossible to stop 300lbs of manatee that wants to head in the opposite direction!

Not entirely unexpected, and all in all we got further than anticipated before she turned round.

One surprise was the evidence of heavily grazed seagrass on the far side of the lagoon - we have seen manatee calves once or twice, and a sub-adult a few weeks ago - maybe it was this last animal that left this evidence!

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