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So we now have GPS data for Twiggy from 20th December, 2012...from her time in the lagoon, from her early release onwards, providing information on when she moves, where she moves, how fast she moves, where she hangs out. We now have so much more information on which to base our pre-release and release protocols.

We have been busy analysing the data, starting with frequency of use per 10m square of the lagoon during her pre-release. There are some places she spends a lot of time, and others that she never visits. What is it that guides her decision making, and as we start answering these questions, how can we integrate the outputs into strengthening the use of the lagoon for the next pre-release manatee?

Adam Lloyd, the Wildtracks GIS Officer has produced a detailed (600dpi, so very zoomable) map of the density of target fixes in the lagoon. Anything over 120 data points (ie. 120 GPS records for a single 10m polygon) is represented in black, as these are associated with the lagoon enclosure (unfortunately, the map is too large to upload at the moment, but I've added an image of it with this note). This is being used to determine location of transects and quadrats, looking at benthic flora, sediment type etc. to provide an indication of what resources may have been guiding Twiggy during her stay in the lagoon.

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18th May, 2013


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