Wildtracks: Conservation, Research and Education

Introduction to Fireburn Reserve

Fireburn is a 1818 acre protected area managed in partnership between Wildtracks and the Fireburn Community. It is situated in Corozal District adjacent to the southern end of Shipstern Lagoon, and is accessed primarily by boat. The Reserve encircles the small predominantly Creole community of Fireburn and its surrounding farm land.

Cohune palm leaves at Fireburn

The reserve protects an extremely high number of species of both flora and fauna. So far recorded within the 1818 acres are 177 species of plant, 36 species of mammal, 208 species of bird and 65 species of reptile and amphibian. This high level of diversity results from the low level of hunting pressure in the area, the wide range of habitats found with the reserve, and the fact that the reserve is part of a large area of natural environment.

Facilities in the reserve include a Visitor’s Centre which contains interpretive material for school groups, a Fieldbase with accommodation and work space for researchers and reserve staff, and a hide for viewing the wildlife found in and around the freshwater pond. A network of trails lead to these facilities, and provides access to other areas of the reserve.


Fireburn Reserve is located on the east shore of Shipstern Lagoon, in a remote part of Corozal District, in north-east Belize. The closest communities are Fireburn (which lies within the Reserve), Sarteneja, Chunox and Little Belize.

Position of Fireburn Reserve in Corozal District and Belize

The protected area is usually accessed by boat, either from Sarteneja via Shipstern Lagoon, or from Cowpen on the opposite side of the lagoon to Fireburn. A seasonal road also connects the Fireburn with Little Belize, but driving conditions are often difficult, and part of the route runs through private land.