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Wildtracks Update: With a storm brewing to the east of us, the lagoon is as still as a millpond, and crystal clear - perfect for taking the drone up to check on the soft release manatees - Khaleesi and Twiggy... 2017-06-18 18:18
Wildtracks Update: We are moving towards our first spider monkey releases...and are so very pleased to have the support of Wild and Free who are raising funds for the soft-release enclosure to be built at the release site...

A message to all volunteers, ex-volunteers and other supporters of Wildtracks at the back of the fantastic Howlers releases: through my charity, Wild&Free - Rehabilitation and Release, I am currently raising funds for the first release of Spider Monkeys from Wildtracks. My target is £4500, which will cover the cost of the pre-release enclosure for the troop. This is only a small part of the overall cost as it is the first release ever done for a troop of Spider monkeys in Belize and everything needs to be set up from scratch. With the help of generous donors, we have reached 94% of the total amount so far! We are now pushing to raise the final 6%!!!

So if you would like to donate through a UK registered charity , please visit our website: www.wildnfree.org, or donate via paypal (card payments now accepted):


Every penny raised is sent to Wildtracks as we have done in the past for last year's releases of 3 troops of Howler monkeys :-). Any question, please ask! It is such an amazing and rewarding cause to be involved in, thank you very much in advance!

Thank you Wild and Free...together, we can make this happen! Thank you, too, to Eran, for his photos and his eternal love of spider monkeys!
2017-06-16 13:47
Wildtracks Update: A first glimpse into the world of howler monkey releases at Fireburn, in 2017. Innie, Vicki, Maggie and Finn head to the tree tops - free and wild! Over the next two months we will be tracking their movements until we are sure they are doing well as wild monkeys...

Many thanks to Emma for bringing the first shots back from the release site yesterday!

2017 glimpse of release youtube.com A quick glimpse into the world of howler monkey releases at Fireburn, in 2017. Innie, Vicki, Maggie and Finn head to the tree tops - free and wild! Over the ...
2017-06-13 18:57
Wildtracks Update: The first two howler monkey groups (Kat and Balou and Innie and co.) were released successfully yesterday, and we are now waiting for news back from the field as to how they have managed their first day in the wild. Darwin and Sansa will be released tomorrow. 2017-06-13 11:20
Wildtracks Link: Be a responsible tour guide!!

Tourism best practices around wildlife are critical if we are to find the balance between our use of wildlife as a tourism resource, and our impact on wildlife health and behaviour.

The World Wildlife Fund and its partners have produced guidelines for responsible shark and ray tourism, available for download from the following link:

2017-06-13 10:55
Wildtracks Link: If you are in Belize and interested in crocodiles....
The Belize Zoo am-3pm. ...
2017-06-12 10:10
Wildtracks Update: Release Day!!

All at Wildtracks wake up to the knowledge that, for eight globally endangered howler monkeys, today is the day they return to the wild! The majority came in from the illegal pet trade, one coming in with concussion in after being hit by a car, and one was found with an injured arm on a farm...all of them have come a long way these last two years.

Mitch celebrated their last few days in pre-release with the following set of photographs...

We wish they, and the post-release monitoring trackers, well in their first few days of living in the wild!!!
2017-06-12 06:55
Wildtracks Update: Howler monkey release day tomorrow at Fireburn... 2017-06-11 17:35
Wildtracks update: Sarteneja, Belize's largest traditional fishing community, is celebrating its fisherfolk today. Wildtracks will be giving out 50 Marine Protected Areas Atlases to fishers, their families and others participating in the activities - if you are in Sarteneja today. come to the Wildtracks booth and request a copy! 2017-06-10 10:35
Wildtracks Update: Two days until the three 2017 release troops are released into Fireburn...so who are the eight monkeys being released this year?

Each has an individual story...and this is Innie's. Inni is short for Innocente, and his story started in Cayo in May, 2014. He was estimated to be three and a half months old when he was found with a broken arm on the ground on a farm. He was taken to the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic, where his arm was splinted and bandaged, and then transferred to Wildtracks.

Inni recovered from a broken arm and was described by his carer as "a rambunctious and dynamic little monkey - both very confident, but also a bit of a baby. He takes time to warm up to new objects and experiences, but his affectionate and outgoing nature means he desperately wants to be everyone’s friend. Innie loves exploring and climbing, but he always checks to make sure he isn’t straying too far".

As he grew, Innie joined a troop of similar-aged monkeys, growing together as a troop, going through rehabilitation together to reach this stage, three years later...

...good luck Inni!

Learn more about Inni's early days at Wildtracks from Mitch's blog


Many thanks to Tony Rath and Mitch Thomas foruse of your photos!
2017-06-10 08:09
Wildtracks Update: It's howler monkey release time again!

This year we have eight Yucatan black howler monkeys (three groups) that have successfully completed rehabilitation and are now moving into the release stage.

Group One: Kat and Baloo
Group Two: Darwin and Sansa
Group Three: Inni, Vicki, Maggie and Finn

The final preparations are being made - today they headed down to Fireburn, to spend a couple of days in the pre-release cages to get used to the sights, sounds and smells of their new location. On Monday, the doors will be opened and they will start living as free monkeys, monitored by the pre-release tracking teams, joining the 49 monkeys that have re-established a healthy population over the last five years. They have come a long way...

To all those who have worked with these individuals - this is it!! On Monday, we will see how they take to life as free monkeys!

2017 releases - The Countdown youtube.com This year we have eight Yucatan black howler monkeys (three groups) that have successfully completed rehabilitation and are now moving into the release stage...
2017-06-09 12:40
Wildtracks update: Today we celebrate World Oceans Day. In Belize, we celebrate the wealth of the reef - for fishers, for the tourism industry and for its role in protecting the coastline... 2017-06-08 18:40
Wildtracks Link: For World Environment Day, a reminder of how beautiful this planet of ours is - there is still so much out there to learn about, to experience...and to fight for...

Have a great World Environment Day!!
Fauna & Flora International Here's a little inspiration this #WorldEnvironmentDay! (Turn the sound on trust us it'll be worth it)
2017-06-05 11:45
Wildtracks Update: Meet our nursery surrogate father - Phil. He's one of several Wildtracks volunteers who ensure the youngest monkeys at Wildtracks receive the social support they need to develop strong, cohesive troops that will stay together through rehabilitation and into release. These babies, four globally endangered Yucatan black howler monkeys, endemic to the Yucatan region, have a long way to go - but all four have already developed strong bonds with each other.

These monkeys were either confiscated or found abandoned at different times over a six week period...with the increasing awareness about primates in Belize, more people now know to hand in rescued monkeys or report illegal pets - whilst it means that we have had an influx of baby monkeys this season, it also means that these monkeys have survived...with their specialized diet, the majority of baby howlers taken from the wild die within the first three months when kept as illegal pets, from disease and malnutrition.

The Wildtracks babies, however, have settled in fine and are healthy, well balanced members of the nursery...
2017-05-20 17:55
Wildtracks Video: Wishing all those who have taken on the role of surrogate mother (or father) for the Wildtracks infants, we wish you a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Thank you for all your hard work towards ensuring that these infants grow with the skills they need to rejoin the wild populations... 2017-05-14 11:51
Wildtracks Link: Time to look at our relationship with Mother Earth. Despite the environmental destruction, despite the unsustainable use of natural resources, despite the blinkered and deaf politicians in the world, there is still hope - there is still a world worth fighting for.

This short video from Jane Goodall reminds us that there are still beautiful places - inspirational places - in this world, but that we need to make a conscious decision, individually, to keep it that way. Don't wait for someone else to save a species or save a wilderness - find a way to be a part of the action. Find a way to make a difference!

Jane Goodall - Mother Earth filmsforaction.org 6 minutes | “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall
2017-05-10 07:37
Wildtracks Update: A huge THANK YOU to one of our equipment sponsors - CAT Phones.

As we start preparing for this years howler monkey releases in June, the primate tracking crew returns to Fireburn to check up on the location of the current troops. Access to Fireburn is not easy - it is an adventure in itself, requiring both road and boat travel. The distance from the nearest road brings with it the need for good communication, so each tracking team is armed with a CAT s30 phone,improving their safety in the field.

Over the last year, the tracking crew have been trialing CAT phones in the field, using them in not just communication but also for field recognition of individual monkeys and geo-referencing and mapping of troop locations. With the harsh climate, occasionally flooded trails and torrential rain, the waterproof and shock proof ruggedness of the phones has withstood all that tropical nature can throw at them!

So, once again, a HUGE thank you to CAT Phones, in the UK

#catphone #racingextinction #wildtracks #keepthewildinwildlife
2017-05-03 06:31
Wildtracks Link: We are incredibly lucky and happy to receive a significant donation of milk from people in San Pedro for the nursery monkeys. Thank you to all who donated funds or cans of milk, and particular thanks to Rebecca Coutant and Colette Kase for organizing the milk drive!

We had the pleasure of hosting Rebecca, Colette and their partners at the Primate Rehabilitation Centre, and were able to show them the nursery...where the milk is used. pRebecca has produced an excellent blog that covers the visit...

Thanks again to all for the amazing donation!

2017-04-30 12:08
Wildtracks Update: Happy World Tapir Day!! Sharing tapir stories from Fireburn, the howler monkey release site - it isn't all just about the howlers and manatees! 2017-04-28 06:55
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