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Miscellaneous photos from Wildtracks

This album contains day-to-day photos from Wildtracks - you'll find a little bit of everything in here!

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Fireburn Howler Monkey Reintroduction

Fanny Tricone and Rudy Castellanos have completed three monitoring trips to Fireburn to assess the current status of the reintroduced Yucatan black howler monkey population. Fanny recently presented the initial results to the Wildtracks Team. She will be working with us until August, and based on these initial outputs, it is safe to say that we will have a very good idea on the status of the reintroduced monkeys at Fireburn. Congratulations to the two of them, and the other Wildtracks Team members (particularly Michael), for the hard work to date. Exciting times!

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The Cats at Wildtracks

An update on the Cats at Wildtracks - we don't focus on small cat rehabilitation, but in our partnership with the Forest Department, we do assist with margays as and when they are confiscated or surrendered, as a contribution towards addressing the wildlife trade in Belize. The majority of our margays came in as kittens, and all have developed into healthy adults with the skills to hunt their own food. They have the strictest regime of all the rehab animals here, being visited only by their carer for food delivery.

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Spider Monkey Complex

The Spider Monkey Complex has been an ongoing project since the start of the year, with the construction of three satellite enclosures, and the large central enclosure...September saw the raising of the roof of the central enclosure

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The Margays of Wildtracks

Whilst Wildtracks focuses on manatee and primate rehabilitation, we do also assist the Belize Forest Department with other species when requested. We currently have four margays in rehab, two approaching release. These amazing cats have their own forest enclosures, hidden on the Wildtracks property, where they have minimal human interaction. A big thank you to Matt, their current carer, for these photos, and to all those other dedicated carers who have played a part in raising them and preparing them for their release back into the wild...

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